Randy Deering

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There have been many novels about the Barbary Wars, the Napoleonic Wars or the War of 1812 and most have been from the British or Canadian point of view. A novel of life in these momentous times from a particular American perspective will be available in print and e-book versions this fall. Tempest Driven is about a Scottish boy who grows up in Maryland and fights for his country in all three of these conflicts. He risks life and limb in many roles, at sea and on land, while learning lessons about family, love, faith and forgiveness.
Sailors are a peculiar lot. They tend to be more self-sufficient, relying on their boat handling skills to get them from here to there and back again, in spite of where the wind is. The observant sailor has many lessons to learn, and this book addresses some of them. The words of renowned sailors, writers, philosophers, and leaders are examined in the light of their applications to sailing and more important to life.
Many people don't think of themselves as leaders, but the truth is we all lead all the time. Bosses lead employees, Ministers lead churches, Fathers and mothers lead children. Some lead with their talents, others with their personalities, still others lead with their experience. We all lead by instruction, by inspiration, and (for good or bad) by influence. As there are rules for sailing whether racing or cruising. Understanding some basic leadership rules will help you lead any organization or group of people and keep you "off the rocks" with those you are trying to lead.
If you find most cruising guides wordy, disorganized and information hard to find, then this cruising guide is for you. It is simple, to the point and as the title states, "user friendly". It doesn't try to cover everything, but it gives you easy to understand information on sailing directions, the best anchorages, best marinas, best restaurants, and some great things to see and do along Florida's wonderful west coast-the Suncoast to be exact-one of the finest cruising grounds in the world.