Randy Deering

Sailors are a peculiar lot. They tend to be more self-sufficient, relying on their boat handling skills to get them from here to there and back again, in spite of where the wind is. The observant sailor has many lessons to learn, and this book addresses some of them. The words of renowned sailors, writers, philosophers, and leaders are examined in the light of their applications to sailing and more important to life.

Whether we skim around on the local lake, cruise along the coast, or set out on a blue water voyage to distant lands, the message of sailing is the same: be prepared, persevere, and enjoys the sail.

The quotations in this book celebrate the joys, the adventures, and even the difficulties of sailing. Whenever we "go down to sea in ships" and discover an important lesson about life-may we all learn to sail on!Item Informaiton


Item Informaiton

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