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A Concise, User Friendly and Enjoyable Cruising Guide to Florida's Suncoast

If you find most cruising guides wordy, disorganized and information hard to find, then this cruising guide is for you. It is simple, to the point and as the title states, "user friendly". It doesn't try to cover everything, but it gives you easy to understand information on sailing directions, the best anchorages, best marinas, best restaurants, and some great things to see and do along Florida's wonderful west coast-the Suncoast to be exact-one of the finest cruising grounds in the world.

The guide has tabs for each of the topics mentioned above and has many simple but useful foldout reference charts. There are loads of great photographs, most in color, and many aerial shots. The book is wire spiral bound, so that it lays open for easy reference, and printed on heavy, quality paper.

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ISBN : 978-0-615-64861-3
Price: $25.00
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